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Empire Warehouse Masterpieces Puzzle Co. Source: Studies in Comparative International Development. Dec, Vol. Commodity Exchange Inc. Oct, Vol. Sep, Vol. Source: Economic Modelling. Barrick Gold Corp. Aug, Vol. Telefono: Envíanos un correo. It's also very easy as a manager to see how people's days are being spent and the impact these interactions are having on our customer experience as a whole.

Tradelink Plus, Inc.

Our customers, even those that are less technical, have little trouble understanding this tool and how they can use it to schedule time with our team. Contras: It would be beneficial to get more robust reporting and data that we can match back to tasks in Outlook and SFDC. We are able to export data to get the views and reporting we need but a dashboard view that is easily shared with users of management's choosing would go a long way towards visibility and transparence of the team's activities. Comentarios: My clients love the simplicity of the program and I like the cost.

For 6 years, things have been going good. I never liked that I had to email for help instead of calling, but they always managed to resolve any glitches I experienced. Lately, however, I have been having a lot more serious problems that affect my business and when I reach out for help I get zero replies from them. It's been days and I've heard nothing back from them. MY clients literally can't schedule at available times because they won't show as available.

This scheduler is not allowing my clients to schedule with me and they don't seem to care. I don't even know how to get me money back because there's no way to contact them. Puntos a favor: I liked the price and simplicity of the program. Contras: There is no phone number for customer support, so when there's a problem you can't talk to anyone. I've had a few problems in the last six years and I had to submit a request for help.

They fixed the glitch each time. However, I've been having more serious problems lately and when I submitted a request for help ticket, I got an automated response saying they received my request but I am getting zero response. They've completely left me hanging. It looks like I will be forced to find a new program that actually allows my clients to schedule with me. Puntos a favor: Our office uses TimeTrade to schedule meetings with prospective applicants to our graduate programs, as well as facilitate online interviews with select candidates.

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The TimeTrade links are sent out of our CRM in automated emails, making the interview registration process streamlined and seamless. Contras: At this point, we do not have TimeTrade integrated with our CRM, so we're forced to manage the data in two separate systems. This can be challenging for our recruiters, who want to look in one place and be able to see everything. Comentarios: It primarily saves me time ,which I would normally spend on exchanging emails trying to confirm the best time schedule for a meeting appointment.

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Puntos a favor: Timetrade eliminates the process of calling and exchanging multiple emails before a meeting appointment is booked. It is easy to use and I personally had a fast learning curve when I was first introduced to it. I like how I am able to create multiple booking options ,depending on the type of meeting appointment I will like to schedule. Contras: The user interface why manageably intuitive has an outdated design. I do not think this in anyway affects the experience of the user though ; at least it didn't affect my daily experience. Comentarios: This allows people to utilize my schedule to book free times and avoids a lot of back and forth emails.

Puntos a favor: I like that it integrates easily with outlook to add links for meeting scheduling. Comentarios: More appointments, more business, more money. Puntos a favor: Easy to use, easy to setup for the most part. Connects nicely with other calendar functionality and lets your clients setup appointments and meeting at a time that works for them as well as sends reminder of meetings. Contras: Repeating some tasks can be a bit time consuming to setup initially specially if there are alot of different types of appointments you need to setup that are not consistent. Comentarios: Multiple scheduling options, ease of use for clients, good tools to create buttons, send email invites, etc.

Puntos a favor: There are many online schedulers available, but for a company that offers a variety of services at different times, this is a solid option at a good price. Contras: There is no way for clients to set a meeting on the quarter or half hour unless you have specifically set all of your appointments that day to begin on the quarter or half hour. Comentarios: I liked TimeTrade, it was recommended by my experienced VA for reliability and was good - there are so many new options now which are more flexible, visually more appealing and often less expensive price wise. Puntos a favor: Easy to get to use for a non-tech savvy beginner, can be used in a website or as a link in an email or social media, easy to block out available meeting times in google calendar and sync.

Contras: I liked it well enough - I switched to a different software when I got a good deal for lifetime membership totalling the monthly cost of this one. Puntos a favor: I used timetrade very often at first, it is simple to use, once the initial setup is done, very little is required. Contras: It si not as update as some other apps in auto-scheuling app world.

Depending on needs, this one may or may not be appropriate. How easy it is to create different booking options. Puntos a favor: How easy it is to create different booking options. I created 6 different options to book meetings depending on the type of meeting I would like to schedule. Really like the new feature that will block out 5-minutes after a call so you do not schedule calls back-to-back.

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Contras: Wish you could change the time zone for a point in time. For example, if I am traveling to a tradeshow in a different state PST and I am sending out meeting invites to prospects, I would like the calendar invite to show the time in the time zone I will be in and not the time zone I am currently in EST. Thanks for the thoughtful review. We are thrilled you're getting such great value from TimeTrade. Also, we'll make sure that this feature request is considered in a future product release.

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Comentarios: Save an estimated hundred hours per year. Puntos a favor: This has been a game changer for me as an advisor. I have always battled with scheduling in a day and age where people are so busy and hard to get a hold of.

Phone tag has almost been completely eliminated. You do the math for yourself on what you spend following up with people booking appointments. Comentarios: Has been the best option for our multi-therapist, multi-room business for years. We got into the enterprise version prior to all the format updates that are currently presented by TimeTrade, so it has remained extremely, competitively priced for us for the amount of flexibility and user control it offers. Any time I have contacted customer service, I have had direct contact with a specific sales and service rep that has always been willing to help fulfill my request.

Any time I have had difficulty creating scheduling scenarios, they have adequately educated me on what can and cannot be done within the system based on how it was originally formatted. It is a "rules-based" format, which requires somewhat of a "programmers" approach to its setup, modifications and maintenance.

Managing the back-end requires basic programming and workflow concepts, but is extremely consistent. The version I have been using is not for the novice who is unwilling to learn its programming concepts. However, the more you work with it, you will discover the near endless scenarios and adaptations you can create with it. But, at the same time, I can make it as simplified or complex as I want, anytime I want. Downtime has been very minimal. Nearly all problems have been user-created rather than system-created.

There is a reason they serve Fortune companies successfully. If you want super-simple, there are many other options out there. If you want a robust, adaptable system for a competitive price, then TimeTrade is at least worth considering; especially if you are serving multiple people in multiple locations. Comentarios: Convenience of using it while not at work, if you forget to do your timecard. You don't have to go into the office. Puntos a favor: Time trade is a good system to use to log in your time.