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The data indicates local content is key to achieving both scale and volumes on the Internet in India. The Hotstar app has crossed million downloads in India, offering TV shows, movies and sports. Different streaming audiences are gravitating towards different parts of the Hotstar proposition. In India, the number of video-capable devices and connections are expected to grow 2. Live video streaming continues to gain traction as an experience and not merely for sports. Currently, the number of OTT players in India is about We extended this for another drama Veera, which was met with a tremendous response locally.

Last year, Thailand got a chance to meet the main protagonist of Diya Aur Baati Hum, a hugely popular show that drove a lot of conversations in the social media. Today, it is a leading digital player taking control of the Chinese audiences and after that success the platform initiated an expansion towards Taiwan, where is releasing very successful high end drama series. But foreign drama has also worked well. Prensario asked about what types of shows is he looking out in the international market for acquisitions and he confirms that iQIYi is opened for new and different drama origins, following the international trends.

We are gradually working towards that goal by curating a region and culture specific library. On the international front, the platform offers international hits as Descendant of the Sun and Mainland drama series Nothing Gold can Stay. Digital TV Research estimates that the market will have millions subscribers by , leaving 50 millions to India and Japan together and 44 million to the remaining 19 countries.

China is surpassing Japan this year as the top revenue leader. Both markets will account for two-thirds of the region total revenues in China SVOD market share, by top 3 companies Prensario celebrates 10 years analyzing the industry in this part of the world. Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world.

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Singapore is taking seriously the training of young talent by joining institutes of higher learning and industry players to build a sustainable talent pipeline of games writers and developers. In Asia Pacific there are 4. At this moment of the industry, when it is not easy to handle fresh business, many global corporations are putting emphasis in this fast growing part of the world, which has turned to a big pole of new media ventures.

What makes the difference? Five reasons to put Asia Pacific on your future business plan.

First, it is the most populated region of the world with 4. It is the biggest producer in many key industries, but also the largest consumer. It plays a double role in the global economy, selling and buying. When you think of technology, the main Asian nations are big worldwide referents. Fourth, it has developed very good programming in both, scripted and non-scripted. The region as a whole produces high-end dramas that are now sold globally, with a very intense in-region market.

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Fifth, Governments play a very active role promoting content business and especially co-production ventures, generating production. In APAC, content cannot be separated from technology. Most of the developments the industry has been witnessing within the last years, are already a reality in Asia.

This is not only perceived from offer side, the demand is also high and sophisticated, and the audiences are much more prepared to absorb these new technologies. If we add to these virtuous circle the size of the market, the expectations for the future are huge. Similar thing has happened to Pay TV, in which the region took the lead a couple of years ago in terms of subscribers. In the three of them, the forecasts are very positive for the next five years. ATF wide beyond To continue serving as the leading gateway into Asia, ATF has consistently expanded its market to offer new content targeted at different audience profiles, and programs that can span multiple viewing platforms.

The second is launched with Green Gold Animation India , looking for creators of innovative concepts for new and original animation targeting kids.

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Media agencies are one of the new kind of players attending the markets: they have a relationship built with brands and advertisers, who are interested in entering the content business. Original is the name of the game. Instagram has created short content and Facebook has launched Facebook Watch, also looking for partnership on original productions, without mentioning an increasing number of content announcements from Snapchat, BuzzFeed, and many others.

There is no time to waste in the content market, and APAC is a good expression. Media distribution channels have multiplied and diversified. Traditional TV and film business models have been challenged by new entrants. Digital has lowered the barriers of entry and transformed the ways viewers consume content. Films based on Marvel comics and books. Novels inspired by Warcraft games or Japanese anime. TV shows emerged from videogames and vice versa.

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Just to compare, Europe is expected to earn 16 millions in the same period of time, while the US and Canada will lose 16 million. Last year, advertising expenditures fell in Newspapers South Korea has transformed the content business in the last 10 years. On one side it has become a leading gloWorldwide growth in adspend, by region bloc bal drama exporter. Asia Pacific to lead the global digital video market Asia Pacific strength in the media market is giving a new step this year, by becoming the number one SVOD market in the world with China driving this leadership.

Maturation, contentdiversification and monetization. The whole region will double its subscription base by reaching millions clients from millions by end, highlights the Global SVOD Forecast report from Digital TV Research. Online TV and video advertising has been boosted in recent years by the rapid growth in mobile advertising.

It is one of the 6, 6, largest social media and multi-player ga4, ming platforms, as well 2, 1, 1, 2, as value added apps en terprises, in China. China will have million SVOD subscribers in India and Japan will together account for another 50 million, leaving only 44 million divided among the remaining 19 countries. It is true it has tried to find the way to make a partnership with a local company and finally launch its services, but domestic laws are not allowing it. For example, Netflix is the top one with the amount of content on its platform in Australia nearly tripling in volume over the last two years: with over 22, hours of film and TV now available.

This is one of the sultancy firm.

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An article on TelevisionPost. This was more than. The average session duration in these five on Android has jumped to almost 6 minutes from 5 minutes.

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The report further stated that emerging markets such as India and Thailand tend to be the most likely to use mobile data for video streaming, as opposed to Wi-Fi from a fixed broadband connection. Many subscriptionled services are also being bundled by telcos with their data service. Another trend is that the overall engagement is higher on video apps from online-first companies as YouTube. What do the APAC buyers want? Prensario publishes this special survey made by Reed Midem about what the top buyers from Asia-Pacific are looking in the international markets 1 Editorial Strategy 2 What type of programmes are you looking for and genres?

Our ambition is to strengthen our reputation as the home of the finest international scripted content and, in doing so, contribute to our goal of deepening the engagement of Australians with content that reflects our Charter and. We build our channels with strong, compelling characters to which audiences are drawn. It is important that audiences identify with the characters and like them but it is equally. Andrew Shaw, General Manager Acquisitions Production and Commissioning, TVNZ 1 We aim for high quality off feature length titles as well as short run 4 to 6 hours premium drama titles as well as longer run network series.

We schedule our dramas in a variety of ways; some premium titles. We are also actively looking at great library content mainly Animation which has been produced post Malaysia: how to evolve into the business of the future With more than TV and viewing channels made available to audiences in Malaysia, Media Prima and Astro are the two leading media conglomerates competing in this strategic SEA country.